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If you don’t know the blues….there’s no point picking up the guitar and playing rock and roll or any other form of popular music.

Keith Richards

What’s on Where

If on mobile please swipe left to scroll through full  3 day program. All gigs are free.

How to avoid the ‘Gig-Planner Blues’:  While every effort has been made to provide a comprehensive gig layout at the time of  uploading, shit can, and probably will still happen so we will update leading up to the festival as quickly as we can. It’s free, a festival and fun. Look for an old fashioned print copy hitting your fave SBF venue early next week but meanwhile …..


Note this download is a copy of the print version and won’t have any changes, hiccups or other stuff. Check website for any changes.

Your Gig Guide @ The St Kilda Blues Festival

Venue  Friday 20th March Saturday 21st March Sunday 22nd  March
Dogs Bar Dekadence – 4pm

Dave Riley Trio – 6pm

Billy TK Jnr & The Groove Shakers – 9.30pm

Billy TK Jnr & The Grooveshakers – 1.30pm

Jesse Valach & The Testaments – 3.30pm

Steve Boyd’s Rum Reverie – 5.30pm

Bat Country Blues – 9pm

New Savages – 2.30pm

Dave Riley Trio – 5pm

Sammy Owen Blues Band  – 8pm

Billy TK Jnr  & The Groove Shakers – 10pm

Good Love Phil & Trudy Edgeley – 7.30pm Dave Diprose – 2pm

Charlie Bedford – 4.30pm

Luke Greenhatch – 1pm

Matt Katsis – 6.30pm

Lona Luke Greenhatch – 4pm  Mike Elrington – 6.30pm
St Kilda Cellars Gwyn Ashton  –  3pm Chris Finnen (solo)  – 3pm

Mike Elrington – 7pm

Charlie Bedford – 5pm
The Cross  Wilson White – 7pm Dave Riley Duo – 7pm Timberkat- 2pm
Republica Rod Paine & The Fulltime Lovers – 1pm

Billy TK Jnr & The Groove Shakers  – 4pm

Jesse Valach & The Testaments – 1pm

Jump Cats – 4.30pm

Bunny Chris Finnen Trio  – 7.30pm Dave Riley  – 4pm

Rod Paine & The Fulltime Lovers – 7.30pm

Billy TK Jnr & The Goove Shakers  – 2pm

Steve Boyd’s Rum Reverie – 4.30pm

PB’s Mike Elrington – 2pm

Dan Nillson Duo -4pm

George Lane Dan Dinnen and Shorty – 8pm New Savages  –  8pm Phill Manning & Chris Finnen  – 5pm

*3 set gig !

The Espy Sammy Owens Blues Band –   2pm Heinous Hounds – 4pm

Billy TK Jnr & The Groove Shakers  – 7.30pm

Freddy Wimpoles Hoodoo Men 6pm Mike Elrington – 12 noon

Limelight – 4pm

Billy TK Jnr  & The Groove Shakers – 7pm

Christina Crofts – 2.30pm

Joshua Batten Band – 7pm

Sorsi e Morsi Dave Diprose – 4pm Phil & Trudy Edgeley – 4pm
West Beach Bathers Pavillion  Amnesia Blues Band 6.30pm Dan Nillson Duo – 3pm Leigh Sloggett Duo – 3pm
Fifth Province New Savages  – 1pm

Jump Cats – 5pm

Bitches Brew  – 5pm
Abbey Road  Mission Brown – 9pm Matt Dwyer – 9m
The George Lounge Jarrod Shaw – 7pm Dekadance – 3pm
Vineyard Bat Country Blues – 9pm Salty Dawg Blowout – 1pm

Paulie Bignell & The Thornbury Two – 4pm

St Kilda Allstars – 6.30pm

Phil Para – 9pm

Joshua Batten Band – 4pm
Claypots Elvis show – 4pm

Jules Boult – 6.30pm

Shuffle Club – 4pm

Hood Mayhem Band bringing New Orleans second line parade to  St Kilda,… we’re doing it all again this year ! 

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