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Hoodoo Mayhem street swamp

2024 Gig Guide

every effort is made to ensure the gig guide is kept up to date but shit can happen.

We will endeavour to update as quickly as we can.

Friday 1ST MARCH

Venue Time Band
George Lane 8.45 pm Kim Volkman Blues Band
10.30pm Collard Greens and Gravy
St Kilda Sports Club 6.00pm Jack Howard & the Long Lost Brothers & Sisters
8.15pm Wilson James Band
10.00pm Sammy Owen Blues Band
The Espy 7.30pm Otis Namrell Trio
Jimmy O'Neills 6.00pm Joshua Batten
Blessington Street Precinct 4.00pm Black Molls
5.30pm Heavy Medicine
7.30pm Catfish Voodoo

Saturday 2ND MARCH

Venue Time Band
George Lane 5.15pm Charles Jenkins
7.00pm Opelousas
8.45pm Catfish Voodoo
10.30pm Smoke Stack Rhino
St Kilda Sports Club 3.00pm Bobby Valentine & The Blues Roulette
5.30pm Buddy Knox Blues Band
8.00pm Dom Turner
9.30pm Kim Volkman Blues Band
Banff 10.30am Troy Wilson & Aaron Gillet
Chronicles Bar 3.30pm Jarrod Shaw
Freddie Wimpoles 2.30pm Andy Baylor Blues Band
5.00pm Louis King & The Liars Klub
Ellora 1.00pm Shake
3.00pm Damon Smith
5.00pm Phil Para
The Espy 3.00pm Anna Scionti
7.00pm Collard Greens & Gravy
The Vineyard 2.00pm Otis Namrell Trio
4.00pm Rod Paine & the Fulltime Lovers
6.00pm Mike Rudds Spectrum
7.30pm The Sammy Owen Blues Band
St Kilda RSL 2.30pm Margie Lou Dyer Jazz Quintet
4.30pm Julian James & the Moonshine State
Acland St Plaza 11.00am Ragg Gumbo
1.00pm Mission Brown
3.00pm Heavy Medicine
The Village Belle 5.30pm Voodoo Preachers
Sorsi e Morsi 10.30am Steve Colbrook Trio
Blessington Street Precinct 1.30pm Wilson James Band
3.30pm Ezra Lee's Boogie Woogie Band
5.30pm Murray Cook's Soul Movers
7.30pm Geoff Achison & the Soul Diggers

Sunday 3RD MARCH

Venue Time Band
George Lane 4.45pm Shake
6.30pm Rod Paine & The Fulltime Lovers
St Kilda Sports Club 3.00pm Phil Para
5.00pm Murray Cook's Soul Movers
7.00pm Mike Rudd's Spectrum
8.30pm The St Kilda Blues Festival Afterparty
Banff 10.00am Alex Burns
Freddie Wimpoles 2.00pm Murray's Bay Country Club
4.00pm Heavy Medicine
Chronicles Bar 3.30pm Synthronica
Ellora 2.30pm Kathleen Halloran
4.30pm Doc Halibut
The Espy 2.00pm Ezra Lee
5.00pm Damon Smith
The Vineyard 1.00pm Anna Scionti
3.00pm Bobby Valentine & The Blues Roulette
5.00pm Dom Turner & the Rural Blues Project
6.30pm The Buddy Knox Blues Band
St Kilda RSL 2.30pm Andy Baylor Blues Band
4.30pm McNamarr Project
Acland St Plaza 11.00am Paullie Bignall & the Thornbury Two
1.00pm Smoke Stack Rhino
3.00pm Voodoo Preachers
5.00pm Detonators
The Village Belle 3.00pm The Tonalists
Sorsi e Morsi 10.30am Troy Wilson & Aaron Gillet
Blessington Street Precinct 12.30pm Penny Ikinger's Marbles
2.00pm Kim Volkman
4.00pm Opelousas
6.00pm Dalicados

Venue Map

Follow our gig guide and venue map to see our favourite artists performing.

Street performances will run throughout St Kilda such as Hoodoo Mayhem, Jarrod Shaw,  Steve Colbrook Trio, Jasmine Mahon, Trio, Alex Burns, Wilson and Arron Gillet, Synthronica, Justine Jones plus many more! 

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